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Winter is Coming

Winter is

The anticipation had been killing us. Is he or isn’t he (Jon Snow that is)? Well, now we know. To celebrate the recent return of Game of Thrones, our favorite HBO catnip, we’re going on virtual vacation to major locations where the show takes place. Even though we’re watching from the edge of our seat at home, we’re planning our next getaway to Croatia, Ireland and Iceland – home to just some of the locations where the wanderlust-inducing show is filmed.

Our first destination: Croatia – where we explore the show’s pivotal location of Kings Landing. It’s in the country’s capital of Dubrovnik where the cast filmed major scenes for the fictitious town of Westeros, with some even taking place in the Minceta Tower on the Dalmatian Coast, home to a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We continue our voyage to Ireland, where we happen upon the Game of Thrones town of Winterfell, filmed in the real life Castle Ward estate in the country’s northern region. Just 40 minutes from Belfast, this area is also home to The Whispering Wood, where Robb Stark captures the illustrious Kingslayer Jamie Lannister.

We end our Game of Thrones tour in Iceland – otherwise known for the scenes from Jon Snow’s North of the Wall. Iceland’s endless expanse of icy terrain, imposing mountains and lava fields make for the perfect, eerie scene for Snow to fight the White Walkers. Iceland is also home to the Grjótagjá lava cave, where Snow and Ygritte first become lovers. Our favorite couple, here’s hoping they’ll both be back in our made up virtual reality.

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