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Since the early aughts, pop-up shops have been all the rage, doing a terrific job of showcasing haute brands on an exclusive (and equally elusive) basis. Humble, secret venues attract fashion’s elite, who line up around street corners waiting for their chance to peruse can’t-find-anywhere-else statement pieces.

Berlin’s Darklands, now in its fourth iteration, has become the go-to for Germany’s most stylish gents, spotlighting the latest fashions of today from designers such as Rick Owens. The shop relocates to new Berlin venues every few seasons, maintaining its air of mystery.

Stateside, pop-ups are perfect for niche brands. In preparation for the Kentucky Derby, The Shiny Squirrel hosted a shop creating custom hats for the event. Earlier this year, ASH, a Brooklyn-based design company and home goods retailer, got in on the house wares game opening up a temp shop in Manhattan’s West Village that showcased vintage furniture and décor pieces like candles from Le Labo and prints from fashion photographer Adrian Mesko.

Then there’s the original pop-up: L.A.’s Vacant. After successfully opening (and soon closing) two pop-ups in the area, the company branched out offering their services to high-octane clientele like Bob Dylan, K-Swiss and The Beatles.

I’m normally not one for disappearing acts, but this I can get behind.

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Happy Journeys!

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