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I'm more filet mignon than faux meat, but even I must admit that veganism has done much to squash its granola reputation. With healthy habits on the rise, billions of taste buds are being awakened in the city that never sleeps — mine included. Vegan eateries are quickly becoming my new healthy go-to. Out with turkey and in with the tempeh, I have discovered a few New York City spots that will appeal to even the most carnivorous of eaters.

Epitomizing the phrase “an oldie but goodie,” Angelica Kitchen has been cooking classic and contemporary cuisine that has attracted line-forming crowds to its East Village location since 1976. Filled with rice, beans, tofu and steamed vegetables, the “dragon bowls” are a must-try, delicious enough to convert the meatiest of eaters.

Peacefood Café has all the basics, but at this trendy locale what is normally prepared with mozzarella or mayonnaise is served with tapioca or tahini. While offering delectable options for every meal, dessert is a personal favorite. The raw cacao mousse pie and cashew cream cheesecake are pure edible heaven. And, with the absence of refined sugar, these sweet treats are hardly indulgences (or at least I keep telling myself that).

Speaking of dessert, failing to mention Dun-Well Doughnuts would be nothing short of negligent. This Brooklyn bakery has revolutionized the sweet with options like Banana Walnut, Carrot Cake, and Death by Chocolate to name a few. With 200 flavors to choose from, veganism has never tasted so good.

Last but certainly not least is Beyond Sushi because it really is. Brightly colored and vegan-prepared, this fruit and vegetable take on Japanese cuisine wraps each of its rolls in either black forbidden rice or a customized six-grain rice blend. To give you a taste: the “Sweet Tree” is eight pieces of avocado, sweet potato and alfalfa sprouts wrapped in the signature six-grain rice with toasted cayenne sauce drizzled atop. A creative way to sneak your vegetables in, indeed.

Whether adhering to a strict vegan lifestyle or practicing Meatless Monday, everyone must veg out every once in a while.

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Happy Journeys!

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