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Although the holiday season is behind us, I still can’t resist a good present. Case in point: I’m yearning for any spectacular excuse to gift the exquisite and bespoke tome For You The Traveller — or have it gifted to me.

Described as a “human guide to the world” by its author, Iranian-New Zealand artist Nabil Sabio Azadi, the book is available in a limited edition of 200. Inside, the hand-bound guide features an extensive directory of people from all walks of life, trades (artists, scientists, farmers, shipwrights) and destinations (Kenya, Argentina and Norway). The directory is as intimate as it is intricate, listing names, telephone numbers, philosophical anecdotes and hand-drawn maps, all the better to assist you, the traveler, when navigating their location.

Because fine things come in equally fine packages, the guide — each one a different color — arrives at your doorstep, its façade constructed from raw materials such as wood and recycled rabbit fur. The tome’s pages are sumptuously textured and made from recycled paper. In all respects, For You The Traveller advocates a sensual and, above all, humane exploration of the globe built entirely on surprise, camaraderie and, as the package itself claims, “love and trust.”

The book will soon be stocked at boutiques spanning New York to Tokyo, and is currently available for purchase online, with all profits from the sale benefitting Nouvelle Planète, an organization that funds the construction of footbridges in rural Madagascan villages, providing their inhabitants with safe, sheltered passage to school and work.

If this isn’t incentive enough to embark on your grand and curiosity-filled journey across the globe, I don’t know what is.

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Happy Journeys!

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