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Timeless Tomes

Timeless Tomes

When visiting another home for the first time, perhaps one of the most revealing features of the owner’s character are the books they own (or lack thereof) and while Proust and Freud are very impressive on the bookshelves, I’m all for a bit of pictorial luxury on the coffee table. Just a handful of publishers around the world specialize in printing these gorgeous volumes, many of which I would love to see in my living room.

Alexandre Reza, renowned gemologist and one of the world's most talented jewelers, has collaborated with Assouline to produce a personal showcase of over one hundred handcrafted pieces. With photographs to simply fawn over, the diamonds, sapphires and rubies will leave more than just a twinkle in your eyes.

Beaches: 100 Ultimate Escapes is a uniquely spirit-lifting book published by Rizzoli; without even leaving your living room you can flick through its pages and be transported to the most breathtaking tropical paradises on Earth be it Copacabana in Brazil, Love Beach in the Bahamas or the Great Barrier Reef.

Florence based photographer Massimo Listri has toured the globe and cataloged the most timelessly opulent buildings for his first teNeues published book Grand Interiors. Galleries, staircases and ballrooms have been immaculately captured in symmetrical portraits, from the Palazzo Reale in Milan to Dublin’s Trinity College.

When Taschen produces a limited edition Valentino book of which only 2000 have ever been printed, you know it’s something special. This stunning chronological collection of drawings, documentary photographs and editorial shoots, highlights the designers celebrity studded career. The mammoth tome comes encased in a signature red silk cloth box; a book supposedly as luxurious as one of his gowns, and at $2000, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

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