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As the world gets smaller and our passports fuller, it is becoming increasingly important to stay on top of global events. Gone are the days of nursing cups of coffee over the Sunday paper – now it’s imperative to touch base with your favorite online news site daily in order to function in educated and influential social settings. As with all things internet, news is now ever easier to come by, laid out in easy-to-swallow bits, perfect for the discerning traveler crossing borders daily.

For the first bleary-eyed read while still in bed and wondering if the world hasn't gone completely mad overnight, my go-to for the morning news is theSkimm – a tongue-in-cheek helping of the hottest headlines, presented in a voice that is simultaneously ironic and intellectual. It was founded by two former NBC producers and blossomed into an absolute must-read. I’m also partial to Need 2 Know, which breaks down news into easy to swallow bites with a dash of sass.

After a shower, some light reading commences with DailyMail.co.uk, where I zone in one more targeted headlines, so I feel confidently up-to-date on stories from strategic movements in global security operations to the latest and greatest in pop culture.

And as I sit down for the first coffee, I check in with my favorite hard hitting news source at the moment, VICE NEWS. It is incredible – hardcore news reporting from the front lines. With some of the best video reporting I have seen in a long time, they (often controversially) embed themselves into the heart of the news and report from the front lines (think ISIS, Ebola, Hong Kong protests). Bloody Brave.

For my fellow New Yorkers looking for an easy way to keep up with a rather important bit of news (especially considering this dreadful rain), I recommend Poncho. The service sends cheeky, personalized weather reports every morning by email or text message – umbrellas up and wellies on!

Of course, throughout the day I receive notifications from NYT Now and AP, among others, for timely global news on the run. Because while who you know counts, it’s what you know that matters. Read on, poppets!

For more of my lifestyle finds, check out Travel Curator. Happy Journeys!

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