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Tailored Treasures


With the holidays just around the corner, presents are perpetually on my mind. I love to give, but in an age where everyone has everything, it takes time (which I don’t have) to find that perfect gift. Something not too flashy but high in quality, unique but also useful. I find that this quest becomes especially complicated when dealing with presents for men. Enter Svbscription.

Svbscription is an exclusive member’s only luxury service that launched earlier this year. Every three months, members receive a package containing a small selection of one-of-a-kind items, resulting from exclusive collaborations with boutique brands such as Want Les Essentials, Le Labo and Kaweco. Everyone knows my obsession with Le Labo.

Each package is centered on a specific theme (like “Travel” or “Study”) which is then reflected in the selected products. The company currently has a worldwide membership limit of approximately 200, which not only makes it incredibly covetable, but also — given its fair price tag ($1,150 per year, or $350 for a single use) — really rather justifiable.

Svbscription currently caters only to men, but I’m eagerly awaiting the female version to eventually show up on my doorstep — I love surprises.

Happy Journeys!

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