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Deny it though they might, everyone has a certain degree of weakness when it comes to sweetness, be it chocolate, cakes or pastries. And now with the major Fashion Weeks behind us, who can possibly think of a better time for a bit of indulgence? I’m not talking about a Snickers bar here, but the decadent delights created by the temples of sugar — the patisseries. From grand old tearooms to tiny bakeries, my favorites consistently offer the most mouth-watering delights.

The quaint unassuming exterior of Maison Bertaux in London’s Soho district belies the temptations within, like the strawberry and cream-covered choux pastry buns. Cozy interiors and friendly service ensures locals and visitors alike keep coming back to the capital's oldest French-style patisserie.

Angelina is a true Parisian institution, having hosted an impressive variety of patrons underneath its gilded arches throughout the past century. From the most delicately filled macarons to dreamy domes of meringue and chestnut cream known as Mont Blancs, everything here is worth each Euro and minute spent waiting to be seated.

Located far from the tourist trail of Milan in a teetering 18th-century building with the most fabulous antique storefront, the Pasticcieria Marchesi is where savvy locals come to buy their Panettone for Christmas, their Colomba for Easter, and various little tarts and chocolate-y treats in between.

As one of Europe’s oldest confectioners that is still in thriving business, Demel in Vienna boasts one specialty above all others — cake. There are rich slices to suit all tastes, but of course the traditional Austrian Sacher Torte, which was supposedly created by Eduard Sacher while working as a baker at Demel, is an essential to savor.

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