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How’s this for an “only-in-New York” experience? You venture down TriBeCa’s dank Cortlandt Alley — one of Manhattan’s most infamous spots in the ’70s, a virtual no (wo)man’s land. And then instead of running into a crook, you discover the tiniest museum in all the five boroughs, and a unique opportunity to walk away with an exquisite, personalized gift for someone you love.

This is exactly the premise of “The Golden Word,” a new “gifting” exhibition presented by filmmaker Van Neistat (of HBO’s The Neistat Brothers). The exhibition is taking place at Museum, New York’s newest — and smallest — venue, housed in a former freight elevator. Museum showcases random oddities found all over the world, from items salvaged from the Pacific Ocean by surfer Mark Cunningham to the men’s shoe famously tossed at Bush (yes, as in the ex-president).

Neistat’s show only adds to the institution’s offbeat charm and reverence for everyday objects. Visitors can book an appointment and meet Neistat in-person at Museum, where he will engrave by hand a red SwissChampSwiss army knife. On one side, the knife will bear the name of your giftee; on the other, your giftee’s “Golden Word,” a special descriptor that Neistat divines for your loved one. It’s called a Golden Word because once he’s done engraving, Neistat meticulously fills in the letters with 18k gold leaf.

A gift that’s bespoke, beautiful, useful and also experiential? Here are my Golden Words: Yes, please.

To book an appointment, visit Museum.

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