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Rush Delivery

Your very own personal concierge — multiple, that is. No, I’m not talking about a personal assistant, though how I ever lived without one is a mystery these days. Cue the advent of delivery services designed to cater to your every whim. The growth of specialized messenger services make my life a bit more easy breezy — below are a few I cannot live without…you can thank me later.

A timely delivery is crucial in my line of business, and the plethora of messenger services now available can be the saving grace of an NYC go-getter. Private car powerhouse Uber recently launched UberRUSH, where no delivery request is considered too extravagant. This isn't the company's first foray into the delivery industry — Uber proves itself as the king of creativity regularly, from delivering kittens for a quick cuddle or dropping off the perfect pine tree to save New Yorkers the awkward trek back to an apartment, Christmas tree slung over the shoulder with reckless abandon.

With the advent of spring in Gotham, the new floral messenger service, Petal by Pedal transports fab flower arrangements sourced directly from local farmers and delivers them by bicycle throughout NYC. Rain or shine, the company's friendly team of cycling florists drop off stunning bouquets composed of fresh flowers picked no more than two days before the delivery. The best part is that Petal by Pedal is eco-friendly; the locally-sourced buds and cycle delivery drastically reduce everyone's carbon footprint. Side note — the company's Instagram account @petalbypedal fills news feeds with gorgeous arrangements of swoon-worthy blooms.

After an impromptu stop at Eataly yesterday to sip Lavazza, I picked up a small cone of gelato to savor on my walk back to the office. It was the perfect springtime treat and reminded me of the scrumptious hand-crafted ice creams by MilkMade Ice Cream. The East Village-based creamery sources, crafts and hand delivers two unique ice cream flavors to NYC doorsteps every month — mine not included…yet. Flavors like ‘Gotham Basil Chip’ and ‘Please, sir, I want s’more’ are some of the cheeky artisanal flavors you can expect to grace your palate every month.

For the cocktail connoisseur among us, the new app Minibar coordinates the delivery of one's favorite libations within an hour's time. The app assists with recommendations and is a great tool for "uh-oh" moments when a dinner party is in full swing but the bottles are running dry. #hostessnightmare

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