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Red Carpet

It’s Academy Awards week! On Sunday night, Oscar nominees will be showcasing much more than their designer gowns and blinding bling — in anticipation of terrific (or terrifying), ever-advancing HD technology, their complexions will be looking fresher than ever, too. Every awards season the City of Angels is exactly that, with facialists and spa gurus acting as serious miracle workers.

But you needn’t be a Hollywood celeb to put your best face forward.

For the spa-equivalent of having bulldog producer Harvey Weinstein back your Oscar campaign, book an appointment for the Ayurvedic facial with Hilary Heffron at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa: the experience will be painful, but you’ll come out of it with infinitely more star power, guaranteed. The movie business is all about transformation and, two days post-prodding, you’re a radiant creature ready for the camera to love you. It’s no wonder this spa’s lobby looks like an episode of Entourage, swarming with actors, agents and the occasional publicist…

When Hollywood’s most flawless face, Halle Berry, has you on speed dial, you’ve got to be doing something right. Take a cue from the glowing star and schedule a Red Carpet Facial at Kinara Skin Care Clinic & Spa. The spa’s highly skilled and friendly aestheticians — led by Olga Lorencin-Northrup — are on a mission to have clients looking their most gorgeous, and opt for gentle but rigorous treatments that enhance skin’s tone and luminosity. Even when the appointment comes to an end, you can still take the VIP treatment home thanks to the brand’s genius portable kits.

With the nickname “Skin Whisperer,” you’d expect no less than cosmetic divine intervention — and that’s exactly what you get with Terri Lawton, facialist to Rachel Weisz, Naomi Watts and a veritable stable of dewy ingénues. I’m a fan of her Signature Customized Facial, which is suited to your unique sensitivity levels, texture and tone.

And one of my personal favorites is Linda Ross at Epicore. Tucked away behind the Peninsula Hotel, Linda leaves no pore untouched with her fastidious cleaning. She has a superb line of her own products including a miracle oil which has been a face-saver during New York’s harsh winter.

While thoughts of microdermabrasion are never exactly warm and fuzzy, trust you’re in heavenly hands with these excellent aestheticians and let the perfection of your complexion become a reality.

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