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For the experienced globetrotter, the ultimate souvenir should meet the following criteria: it should capture the location, connecting you always to the place and the experience, and it should be something that none of your other mates have!

Enter FIGUE. A luxury collection of apparel and accessories defined by a “global gypsy-meets-jet-set-spirit”, this gorgeous retail brand allows you to collect such rare items from the comforts of home. I’m not shy about my love of vintage, which is why I adore the way that FIGUE designer Stephanie von Watzdorf—former VP of Design at Tory Burch and self-proclaimed bohemian—is breathing new life into vintage clothing from all corners of the globe.

I fell in love with her one-of-a-kind reclaimed military jackets upon a recent visit to the FIGUE showroom in New York. The impeccable hand-beaded embellishment by artisans in Southern India and the globally inspired prints immediately won me over. So authentic, so expertly done.

In this drab weather, I’d suggest throwing on one of her military jackets adorned with Chieftan embroidery, which can instantly transform an ensemble from bleak to chic. Or, choose an on-trend military vest enhanced with a sequined evil eye, and safeguard yourself from the shame of a fashion faux pas.

FIGUE is a seasonless brand for women who travel—or dream of traveling—to exotic destinations and who enjoy a lifestyle that is every bit as luxurious as it is bohemian. Like me!

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Happy Journeys!

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