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Ravishing Rabat

Ravishing Rabat

My passion is, of course, travel. I devour travel magazines, surround myself with foreign designers, and spend more time on a plane than in a taxi. And while cities like Paris, London, Dubai or Tokyo never fail to disappoint, my heart always races when I visit a city free from the tourist buzz – I embrace every chance to dive into the local culture without a constant flurry of guides and flashing cameras.

And so I introduce a regular feature, The Road Less Traveled, which will highlight an “off-the-beaten track” destination each month. This month? Rabat – the stunning capital of one of my favorite destinations, Morocco.

Home to King and Queen of Morocco and nary a tourist in site, the city remains an undiscovered gem along the coast, complete with Morocco’s storied souks – and sans the overwhelming hawkers. Well-heeled travelers will find respite at Sofitel Rabat, Jardin des Roses, a stunning hotel set into an Andalusian garden with thousands of roses. Baccarat Hotels is also set to open a property in 2015, which should be absolutely fabulous (and #crystalline).

As an added bonus, the old city’s Kasbah des Oudayas plays host to a labyrinth of blue-walled homes complete with solid Atlas cedar doors, swinging hands of Fatima, and the occasional lilt of a call to prayer. The more famous (and tourist-ridden) city of Chefchaouen is definitely a sight to behold, but it’s the quietude and authenticity of Rabat that keeps me coming back for more.

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Happy Journeys!

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