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My new favorite addition to cities worldwide are hair salons like DryBar and Blow, all offering express glamour on the go. But we women are not alone. Luckily for men, there’s a growing demand for the male grooming experience to be just as stylish — without sacrificing efficiency. Enter the new wave of bespoke barber shops.

This month I chatted with hip hotelier Alex Calderwood about his new Rudy’s Barbershop, located next to the Ace Hotel here in New York. He successfully runs both brands, ps. As Rudy’s tagline (“We Cut Heads”) suggests, there are no gimmicks, just an easy range of offerings, from haircuts to beard trims. I’m quite tempted to nab their merch too as I’m sure the Rudy army tool bag could easily double as a perfect weekend carryall for the Hamptons.

For you boys not in New York, do note these other on trend barbershops, each with a stylish atmosphere and great service: Geo F. Trumper in London (antique brushes, mahogany interiors); Sloane Square Barbers & Shoppe in Miami (complimentary bar); and Sterling Hair in my hometown of Sydney (specializes in ’50s-era styles).

Happy Journeys!

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