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Pura Vida

Pura Vida

Summer is in full swing and I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to relax beachside, toes in the sand. I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica, where I stayed at the stunning Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort. The hotel recently partnered up with world-class DJ and producer, Jared Dietch, naming him the ‘Cultural Insider of Music’ for the property. Jared, no stranger to tailoring music sets for a luxury clientele, curated five different, locally-inspired playlists that speak to the Costa Rican notion of Pura Vida — pure life.

The three fabulous restaurants, the ONDA Spa and the arrival lounge each have their own soundtrack timed perfectly to compliment the different lighting, moods and ever-changing energy levels tailored to the time of day. In creating the Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort ‘sound,’ Jared said he put in weeks of music research and sought out unexpected rare gems from local artists and musicians that give each playlist its own authentic feel.

I had my pick of five different playlists to accompany my sublime Sugar Cane massage – the sugar cane sticks were harvested locally and rolled away any lingering urban tension. I chose the playlist drawn from the Costa Rican composer, Manuel Obregon, which made me feel a bit like I was napping in a rainforest — very soothing.

Jared likes to consider himself a cultural gatekeeper, and I would have to agree. He is able to delve into the soul of a place — hotel, restaurant, destination — and fluidly pay homage to both the existing cultural undertones and energy vibes. Taking a bit of Costa Rica home, Jared’s collection of Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort playlists are available on Spotify with different selections each month. Looking to embrace your own ‘pura vida’ this summer? Take a listen here.

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