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We had no idea what went into a great cup of coffee before discovering Café Integral’s Founder César Vega. At the mere age of twenty-seven, Vega has completely transformed America’s perception of Nicaraguan coffee. As a native of Nicaragua, exiled to Miami at age three, Vega has a strong connection to the land and is determined to facilitate a prosperous future for his home country. Having always been a coffee aficionado, Vega decided to open his own business, Café Integral. Despite a long and arduous process, Vega now has two locations, one inside the Freehand Chicago, and one at American Two Shot, a trendy retail store in New York City’s SoHo district, which we frequent every chance we get.

As delicious as it is meaningful, Vega’s coffee employs a single origin sourcing strategy, a system that takes the coffee straight from farmer to consumer, thus giving the consumer a richer product. Vega’s passion for Café Integral is evident, and we admire his familial connection with both the product and Nicaragua. The next time you’re in Chicago’s River North neighborhood or the SoHo district of New York City, stop by for one of Vega’s delicious creations and be sure to follow him on Instagram, @cafeintegral.

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