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I don’t consider myself the most competitive person — outside of the elephant polo field, that is. If there’s one thing I’m serious about, however, it is visiting emerging destinations before anyone else. No matter how far-flung or remote, there’s something about traveling far from (and before) the madding crowd that’s exhilarating, as though you’re in on an irresistible secret that can get out at any moment.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’m not the best at keeping secrets when it comes to my favorite travel spots. Here are the places I can’t wait to explore in 2013.

Considering the strong possibility of U.S. travel restrictions being lifted in 2013, Cuba remains high on every jetsetter’s wish list. I can’t wait to visit this gorgeous and extremely complicated, historically rich country. From delicious cuisine to expertly hand-rolled cigars, vibrant culture (especially music and dancing) and its friendly people, I’m looking forward to getting to know this side of the Caribbean.

Two destinations I’ve checked off my bucket list earlier this year are Myanmar and Bhutan. Relatively uninfluenced by the Western world, I predict they will be even more covetable in 2013. Each provided some of the most physically arduous and spiritually fulfilling adventures I’ve ever had.

Also on the radar — as well as the subject of our upcoming Curated Travel Guide! — is Cape Town, South Africa, truly unlike anywhere else in the world. The art and design scene there is always thrilling, and I love the great wines available.

Lastly, I can’t wait to don my best down jacket and head to Alaska — only a seven-hour flight from my home base in New York, but it might as well be another world. Midnight sun, here I come.

Whether you decide to go off-the-grid or stay closer to home, I’m wishing you an adventurous and travel-filled New Year!

For more of my travel recommendations, please visit The Travel Curator.

Happy Journeys!

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