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Private helipads, stingray upholstered tables, yoga lawns, massage therapy rooms, bespoke building fragrance – some people have slightly better apartments than the norm. Slightly. When the word "budget" is not in your vocabulary, deluxe amenities and insane views abound. But while you may not have your deluxe apartment in the sky just yet (fingers crossed that 2015 is the year…), it doesn’t hurt to dream.

The $66 million “crown jewel of SoHo” sits atop the historic Puck Building and offers 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a private gym, library, home theater and wine cellar. The kitchen houses a Château oven, dubbed the Rolls Royce of kitchen ranges and assembled completely by hand. The penthouse also comes with a massive terrace, including a yoga lawn that connects to the home gym. Naturally.

I'm a huge fan of Pritzker Prize-winning, Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid and am awaiting her Miami-based One Thousand Museum Condos penthouse with bated breath. Rival to the newly developed One57 in Manhattan and with the hopes of creating a “six star lifestyle,” the penthouse is set to include a sunbathing terrace overlooking the Miami skyline, a private helipad, and an indoor pool.

The Odeon Tower in Monaco stands as a beacon of luxury in an already opulent country. This residential tower (the tallest one in Europe I might add) will be home to the most expensive penthouse in the world. Upon completion, the decadent living quarters will have a private gym, sauna, cinema, library, whisky bar, and a master suite the size of two and a half tennis-courts.  And for $400 million, you wouldn't expect anything less.

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