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A curious traveler by nature, I love exploring the ins and outs of every city I visit — be it the local food, hidden shops or one of my personal favorites, unique street art.

Developing my latest curated guide for Berlin reminded me of how much I love seeing a city’s zeitgeist emblazoned on sidewalks, walls, bridges or unexpected nooks, surprising visitors and locals alike. Berlin is famous for its gritty, often socially-charged street art, harkening back to the times when the Berlin Wall still divided, slogans sprayed on either side. Now the city allows local and visiting artists the opportunity to repaint the remains of the Wall every year, and each time I visit Berlin it’s like visiting a new gallery. But the Berlin Wall is certainly not the only canvas in the city — take the Pink Man, for instance. A famous mural by street artist BLU, you need to be up close and personal with the Pink Man before you realize that he is comprised of hundreds of naked bodies, all forming one large man that is about to devour the only individual left: a depiction of the fascist system that once gripped Germany.

Taking a stroll closer to home, Brooklyn Street Art is a gorgeous blog gathering and documenting the best of New York’s urban art, constantly keeping a finger on the trends driving the rampant creative spirit in NYC. It often showcases my favorite street art hub in Brooklyn, The Bushwick Collective, where artists such as Beau Stanton and Sonni leave their marks. My absolute favorite is a painting of a stained glass window on the side of an unassuming brick building: a mark of purity on an otherwise gritty street.

Of course, I can’t mention street art without paying homage to Mexico City, the mother of modern muralism. The capital has an incredibly vibrant art community that uses the entire city as a canvas for its work. The Antique Toy Museum Mexico recently held workshops for budding artists, which were led by some of the city’s premier street talent including SEGA, 704 and MINOS — a big step towards ensuring that the tradition of urban street art lives on.

For more of my colorful picks and to dig a bit deeper into Berlin‘s edgy art scene, check out the latest issue of Travel Curator.

Happy Journeys!

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