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From the moment I first laid eyes on them, I knew I had to have ’em.

Based on this reaction, one might think I was talking about a sick new jacket or shoes or a fabulous piece of jewelry. But not this time friends—today I’m mad about musical technology.

Ladies (and significant others), if you haven’t seen the new range of Frends headphones, designed exclusively for fierce females, you are seriously missing out. The design team at Frends have paid close attention to the details, which make these pieces not only gorgeous but specifically tailored to the needs of today’s urbane woman.

I’m talking smaller earpieces, adjustable headbands and retractable arms—the whole set folds and fits easily, even into my favorite clutch. Materials are stain-resistant, which means they can easily be thrown in a handbag along with your makeup. And the cords are all woven from a durable fabric so they don’t get caught up in your necklaces.

The product line includes three chic models, which come in white or black leather accented with hardware in varying shades of gold and silver: the in-ear Elle, the small over-ear Layla (which I just recently came into the possession of) and the larger over-ear Taylor. Kristen Stewart, Ashlee Simpson, Lauren Conrad and Anne Hathaway are all rocking them these days…

Sure Coachella is over, but the summer music festival season is just heating up, making these sexy sound accessories even more essential. I’ll most definitely be toting mine to Glastonbury in June, where I fully intend to be the most fashionable female in attendance.

Happy Journeys!

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