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Toast to Summer

La Dolce

Italy – one of our favorite culinary destinations. And for those keen to explore beyond the typical menu of pizza, pasta and Pinot Grigio, we’re taking you to one of our favorite cities – Verona!

The quaint city of Verona is truly an epicurean jewel in Veneto. Often overlooked in favor of the neighboring city of Venice, Verona is a little-known foodie paradise bordered by idyllic rolling vineyards to the north and ancient rice fields and charming olive farms to the south. Top of our must do list is a visit to the majestic 15th Century Villa Della Torre, located just outside the city and the perfect place to savor the region’s finest Valpolicella, Soave and Amarone alongside crusty grissini and hunks of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Delizioso!

Travel Curator insiders know the best way to experience Italian cuisine is to shop, cook and feast like one – loading up on locally-grown produce at the market and creating simple yet sumptuous dishes that allow their provenance to shine through.

Luxury bolthole Palazzo Victoria, located in the heart of the historic city centre, offers their guests this very experience. Under the wing of a local chef you can unearth the season’s ripest offerings at the bustling markets of Piazza delle Erbe, where the Veronese have typically bought their produce for centuries. Laden with armfuls of nature’s bounty, the chef will take you to a charming rustic kitchen close by the hotel to rustle up a variety of seasonal dishes, from a crisp pinzimonio and perfectly al dente tagliatelle to the famous dessert, tiramisù.

After sitting down to savor the afternoon’s creations (with a local Valpolicella, of course!), have an Aperol Spritz or two on the newly-refurbished Piazzetta di Borsari 36 before slipping into crisp sheets at one of the hotel’s eclectically decorated suites. La vita è bella!

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