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It seems the dark days of No Carbs are firmly behind us — the Cronut craze is in full swing in NYC, with the delicacy boasting inflated rates that insatiable sweet-tooths are more than willing to meet. Savvy scalpers are taking advantage, listing prices upwards of $100 for the doughnut-croissant hybrid. Soho's Dominique Ansel Bakery, where it all began, has implemented crowd control efforts and a two-Cronut-per-person limit, adding to the dessert’s mystique.

In Chicago, beloved desserts are taking a boozy spin — very apropos, considering the Second City's jazzy heritage. The Gage’s bourbon-centric trifle combines the classic flavors of salted caramel and cherry compote with the richness of chocolate bourbon sabayon. Served with an additional shot of Maker’s Mark, this savory and sweet treat is sure to set the right mood. And the merriment doesn't stop there: The Boiler Room prides itself on homemade whiskey ice cream — which apparently has a shot of liquor in each scoop.

Campfire favorites have become the new DIY dessert at Luna Park LA. Creating a dessert fondue, the Los Angeles eatery serves up steaming pots of melted marshmallow and bittersweet chocolate with accompanying house-made graham crackers for dipping.

Empire Cake is looking to ride the wave of dessert trends too, bringing its own batch of gourmet Twinkies to the masses. The Chelsea establishment’s most popular iterations on the Twinkie are its triple-chocolate Brooklyn Blackout and the Passion Fruit Snack Cake filled with passion fruit curd filling and dipped in white chocolate. Not to be left out, Stanton Social created a delectable Red Velvet Twinkie complete with cream cheese filling and topped with whipped cream.

The classic icebox cake is a traditional no-bake warm weather treat. Magnolia, NYC’s West Village institution, made the whipped-cream classic even more delicious by adding peanut butter and Snickers pieces — how is that for high meets low?

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