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I’m not a hypochondriac, though I must admit I’ve reached a fever pitch over “Still Ill,” Olympia Le-Tan’s whimsical new line of embroidered handbags and custom clutches, themed around all things medical. The French designer, whose literature-inspired clutches (at first glance, they appear to be actual books) have graced the hands of leading ladies Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams, recently debuted her latest creations at the Paris Medical History Museum. Unlike the standard catwalk presentation, Le-Tan wowed the fashionista crowd with a tongue-in-cheek accessories display that included Red Cross cakes and playful pill boxes.

Le-Tan’s Valley of the Dolls-inspired clutch is already a favorite with Vogue editors, and with bags this chic, jumping onboard the bookish trend is a no-brainer. Always a fan of a stand-out accessory, I look no further than her original line of book clutches, modeled after classic lit picks like Lolita and The Great Gatsby. Unlike most of my beach reads, I’m not ashamed to tote these books around on my travels…

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