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Exotic, far-flung destinations have always been my forte — but there are times when a long flight just won’t cut it. Enter the Hamptons, my New York home away from home.

As temperatures climb and humidity reaches unbearable heights, I find myself dreaming of my bay front cottage in Southampton, sunbathing on the deck with my inaugural copy of BEACH in hand. With gorgeous homes owned by the most sparkling of the Hollywood glitterati and social jet set, and more high-end chic boutiques than a girl and her AMEX can hit in one jaunt, the Hamptons is without a doubt the best place to escape for a few days — or more.

This Memorial Day weekend marks the official start to the Hamptons season and the impending beach rush, so I have updated my Curated Travel Guide to the Hamptons so that everyone can navigate its charming seaside towns and country roads like a perfectly pedicured local.

From Southampton to Montauk, I guide you through the ultimate Hamptons stay, Travel Curator-style. Among the recently unveiled hot spots are Tom Colicchio’s latest farm-to-table masterpiece in Bridgehampton, Topping Rose House Restaurant, which happens to be in his fabulous new hotel of the same name. The spa won’t open until the first week of June, but with the hype leading up to the opening, I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.

No Hamptons guide would be complete without an ode to the old standbys, like arriving at Sunset Beach by ferry, where you can spend a boozy Sunday afternoon in the American Saint-Tropez, or sipping to-die-for cocktails at Ruschmeyer’s, the Montauk mainstay for the chic beach bum among us.

For my new Hamptons favorites and other Curated Travel Guides, check out Travel Curator.

Happy Journeys!

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