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From The Road


They say there’s no place like home for the holidays and I do love Manhattan dressed in its seasonal best, yet my heart always longs to be on the road… on the next adventure.

My close friend, designer Susan Easton, shares my love of discovering new places, people and cultures on her travels. She has recently channeled this passion into a brilliant brand that creates accessories for self and home. Her inspired brainchild, FROM THE ROAD, was born of her love of off-the-grid travel, and embraces the art and culture of indigenous peoples. She endeavors to help keep their traditions alive by bringing them to the world as unique handmade, limited-edition pieces.

With December’s chill swooping in, I went straight to the Peruvian knits for my gift list in addition to getting a number of pieces for myself. In particular, I fell in love with the Josefina Braided Hats and Scarves (made from hand-tinted alpaca and Peruvian wool) which were inspired by the hairstyle of the indigenous women of the region.

Better still, FROM THE ROAD — with Susan’s various pictures, videos and interactive features available on the website — allows you to see all that goes into each piece, turning a tasteful pillow or beautiful pair of hand-tooled earrings into a treasure with a truly captivating story.

Until I’m off on my next journey, I’m excited for FROM THE ROAD to help me connect to distant lands — and perhaps also spread some holiday cheer in style.

For more of my conscious couture finds, please follow me back to my website, The Travel Curator.

Happy Journeys!

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