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Okay, so I’m a bit shoe-crazy this week.

Not so long ago, the slipper loafer was an item of clothing reserved for a handful of refined gentlemen who enjoyed lounging in their robes, with pipe in hand of course. But nowadays, this fanciful footwear—a true travel necessity—comes in every possible shape and size, color and fabric. Boutiques everywhere, from the high street to upscale retailers, are having a go at fashionable slippers, including one of my favorite stores in Melbourne, the uber-chic Marais, which was featured in the latest Travel Curator.

Not to be confused with slip-ons, moccasins or ballerina flats, the slipper has of late proven to be remarkably popular. Why so? Well, for a start they transcend both gender and age: equally suited to the urban gents and ladies who lunch. They can be just as elegant as they are casual and—as the name implies—they are pretty damn comfortable.

For the most outlandish selection of prints and colors, Del Toro takes the cake. Whether you fancy a bit of zebra print pony hair or hot pink-studded canvas, the brand’s designs are very much in tune with the explosive murals of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, which is precisely where owner Matthew Chevallard recently established the company’s headquarters and its first boutique.

A hop and a skip away to the north is Palm Beach-based Stubbs and Wootton, understandably catering to a more grown-up sensibility that favors subtle palettes of fabric emblazoned with nautical motifs.

Across the pond, Milanese native Cecilia Bringheli of brand CB Made in Italy proposes the classically refined styles, which are sported by everybody who’s anybody in the Italian social scene, from Vogue Italia editrix Franca Sozzani to industrialist Lapo Elkann.

For more of my shopping picks, check out the new Curated Travel Guide to Melbourne in the latest issue of Travel Curator.

Happy Journeys!

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