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With foodie culture alive and well, exotic cuisines are becoming more and more accessible, not to mention delicious. So why stick with traditional fork-and-knife fare when you can ditch the utensils and get a little messy?

One of my favorite hands-on dining experiences in Manhattan is the new Filipino joint, Jeepney. Every Thursday, this trendy gastropub — located in NYC’s anything-goes East Village neighborhood — trades in utensils for banana leaves. The result? An exciting, down and dirty affair that is unmatched in authenticity and flavor.

In San Francisco, I’d absolutely suggest stopping by Axum Café for some downright delicious Ethiopian cuisine. The relaxed atmosphere and authentic dishes make it the perfect outpost for a casual, utensil-free meal.

And should you find yourself in the Southern Hemisphere this summer, be sure to head to Buenos Aires’s The Argentine Experience where you can mingle with fellow guests while crafting your own hand-held appetizers and desserts. Authentic Argentine at its finest, and certainly all hands on deck.

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Happy Journeys!

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