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Fabulously Fit

Fabulously Fit

With countless hours spent on airplanes, navigating news cities, or running from meeting to meeting, I am always on the prowl for the latest fitness fads to make my pursuit of wellness ever easier. From wearable tech to exercise classes at the touch of a finger, the fitness industry proves that fashion, technology and wellness go hand-in-hand.

Famed fashionista Tory Burch recently revamped the popular Fitbit with her signature style, adding a dash of glam to your workout. Tory Burch for Fitbit Flex allows wellness aficionados to monitor a myriad of quantifiable health statistics including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and even sleep patterns. With Fitbit currently the most popular wearable fitness tracker on the market, adding Burch's quintessential eye for style elevates the brand with a luxe factor all its own.

Hotel workouts are not everyone's cup of tea (or should I say kale juice…), but Fairmont Hotels & Resorts makes hotel fitness a delight with their Fairmont Fit program, available to all members of Fairmont President’s Club. Fairmont Fit provides Reebok workout apparel, footwear and a yoga mat with stretch band, all of which can be delivered directly to guest rooms upon request. Certainly makes a jog through the Tuscan countryside all the more appealing.

With my hectic work and travel schedule, it's not always easy to make time for Pilates and spinning, so I often use the app SportSetter, which acts as an on-demand fitness concierge. The fitness app taps into a catalog of exciting fitness classes and training sessions nearby, and allows fitness enthusiasts to mix up workouts as they see fit. Sportsetter is currently only available in Helsinki and New York – but the company has some pretty big plans. The service also links up with unique, hi-tech spa facilities to inspire a holistic experience.

For anyone who is looking to add a healthy dose of mindfulness to an exercise routine, the app Fig reminds users to slow down and enjoy the simpler things. Inspired by city slickers with high stress careers and unhealthy lifestyle habits, Fig aims to better life one small goal at a time. The app provides a wide variety of categorized tasks and goals recommended to users as well as the ability to craft one's own custom goals, such as drinking more water, responding to old friends or remembering to meditate.

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