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Dropping Beats

Dropping Beats

Once mere unknowns picking out records for the local radio station, disc jockeys have undoubtedly become the global superstars of the 21st century, and whilst I may no longer be raving it up into the wee hours of the morning or bouncing in the mosh pit, I can certainly recognize a good tune when I hear one, thank you very much.

Bizarrely, today’s biggest names seem to hail mostly from the Netherlands, and they are often very young, with a taste for hard beats and a penchant to earn lots and lots of money. Who can blame them? Successfully mixing business and pleasure has always been high on my list for living the good life. The most requested talents for 2013, and therefore commercially successful, have been the Scotsman Calvin Harris, all time Dutch veteran Tiësto and Swedish newcomer Avicii with his chart hit “Wake Me Up”.

But here’s looking forward to the New Year and some hot little names that could soon be taking the scene by storm. Promising London based duo Disclosure have been producing some very catchy laid back rhythms, whereas Maya Jane Coles, one of the few female contenders in the circuit has a taste for much deeper, sexier sounds, and here in NYC we are no strangers to the colorful bhangra coming from the decks of DJ Rekha. However for reasons of national pride as well as admiration, I’m particularly fond of Flume; super talented Sydney-sider, barely 21 years of age and already nominated for eight categories in the 2013 ARIA Music Awards.

Rest assured it's not all one big party for these guys though; to be a successful DJ often means non-stop round the world travel riddled with jet lag and all-nighters spent from one club to the next. Still, I wouldn't mind taking the job for a spin…pun intended.

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Happy Journeys!

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