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Summer might be one of the most care-free times of year, but if we're being honest — the majority of us keep an eye on our beach-ready figures year-round. (After all, the accumulation of sneaky toxins from our seaside revels is always a seasonal hazard.) Much like fashion, wellness crazes seem to change in popularity almost yearly. Sooner or later we all want to have a go: spin class, Power Plate, Zumba… the list can be and often is endless.

This year, however, one seemingly more drastic trend — although far less exhausting — has really caught my eye.

The mania started back in 2008 in Tokyo with the opening of the Tenteki 10 Café, which enabled busy business execs to spend lunch breaks recharging their depleted energy levels with quickly administered intravenous cocktails of electrolytes and vitamins — rather than with food. "Tenteki" means IV drip in Japanese, and 10 refers to the amount of minutes it takes for the juices to enter the bloodstream. The procedure caught on like wildfire.

The EF MediSpa in London has long been running its successful Drip & Chill Lounges where nurses administer your infusions and offer you an array of health drinks while you get a reflexology massage or listen to soothing music. The Stress Buster, with its calming vitamin B blend, targets those with high anxiety levels and is particularly popular.

The pioneer here in the States is the Revive clinic in Chicago. The focus is on rehydration — helpful for everything from fighting a frightful hangover to staving off a debilitating bout of jet lag. You undergo a brief medical screening before settling comfortably into a plush massage chair while the drips do their magic. Treatments range from 20 to 60 minutes. Rihanna to Madonna have long been making use of B12, glutathione and vitamin C infusions, which studies have proven help balance the skin.

Perhaps we’ll be popping into a drip bar as regularly as we do the nail salon — next to doctor fish pedicures, it wouldn’t be the most ludicrous pick-me-up, would it?

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Happy Journeys!

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