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Dog Gone Art

Dog Gone

As the pet industry expands at a quick clip, seeing hotels, spas and even couture catering for dogs is no longer surprising. Being a proud owner of a precious English bulldog myself, I must confess I have splurged somewhat excessively on my dear Adelaide.

It seems, however, that we’re now entering a new and intriguing era in the canine market: doggie furniture. Architecture for Dogs, founded by Japanese designer Kenya Hara, focuses on creating interactive furniture for the pooches of this world — items that look good in the home but are also specifically designed to reflect the character and physiology of various breeds. For their first-ever exhibit, the studio will be presenting a selection of 13 pieces which are the products of collaborations with different architects and designers, mostly Japanese. The exhibit is currently running through December 9 at the Buena Vista Building as part of Design Miami, and I couldn’t help myself from taking a snap on my way to Art Basel festivities in the Design District.

Some creations function more like mini-mazes, others resemble dog loungers, but all are guaranteed to mentally stimulate or comfort your loyal companion. You can admire the design all you like but ultimately it’s your little darling who is going to be the judge of these wondrous pieces, so be sure to take him, her or indeed them down to the “Open House” event for dogs, on view tomorrow through Sunday from 3 to 5pm. I know Addie herself would be the first in line!

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