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Die Another

Die Another

With Halloween on the horizon, you may be seeing more than a few skeletons emerge from the closet and spill onto the streets… But here’s a festival with a much more refreshing message.

As part of the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday, which begins on November 1, Veronique Pittman — environmentalist and all-around Superwoman — is helping organize La Calaca, a four-day cultural festival in San Miguel de Allende celebrating the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The fest is entirely volunteer-run and donation-based, exhibiting fabulous work from both local and international musicians and artists. There are large-scale art installations, aerial performances, and even a TEDx San Miguel de Allende conference about renewal.

Aside from the interactive workshops and colorful street parades, the event will showcase the best of its host town while giving a great deal back to the local community. San Miguel de Allende is tucked in between Guadalajara and Mexico City, a darling little city full of Spanish colonial architecture and gorgeous plazas — was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site a few years ago, and rightfully so.

This is sure to be the beginning of a very special end… of year!

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Happy Journeys!

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