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While some of us can think of nothing better than a morning spent being pampered at the hair salon, receiving deep conditioning treatments and scalp massages — that would be yours truly — others might dread the very thought of a stylist’s brush as it yanks and pulls at each follicle. No matter which school of thought you belong, San Francisco’s quirky-cool Morphic Salon has introduced an event that will make anyone want to spend more time at the hairdressers.

Mishi Nova, Morphic’s founder and owner, unveiled the salon’s “Mane Attraction” movie nights in January to astounding success. Held the last Monday of every month, the screenings are free and aim to bring together a small crowd of industry professionals, clients and movie buffs who come to socialize and learn about iconic hairstyles from classic film. Whereas Rachel Zoe’s recent venture into the blow-out business, Manhattan’s Dream Dry salon, features a style menu with signature silverscreen looks ranging from gamine Audrey to boudoir Bardot, Morphic takes it one step beyond, nurturing the inner cinephile in budding hairstylists.

The salon’s first screening of Some Like It Hot featured a “how to” on achieving La Marilyn’s wavy platinum bob, while March was a homage to the “Peekaboo” sported by Veronica Lake in I Married a Witch. This month, viewers will be able to feast their eyes on Sean Young’s “Victory Rolls” in the classic (and surprisingly chic) sci-fi, Blade Runner.

Not limited to just movies, Morphic offers beauty tips inspired by small-screen looks, as well. Cue hair-braiding nights inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones.

The tress-obsessed nights commence at 7 pm sharp with a brief introduction to the film and hairstyles involved. Then comfy chairs and blankets are spread out and snacks are passed around before the show begins. Everyone is encouraged to wear outfits that reflect the film’s style. On the first Monday of each month, Morphic also hosts its “Style Night” for stylists and aficionados keen to learn how to execute the previous month’s coiffure.

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