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Traveling is my true passion, and for the majority of travelers I know — it is absolutely and utterly imperative to have a functional, yet stylish carry-on bag.

There's nothing travelers despise more than a bag that doesn't fit or function the way they want it to, and it never hurts to be appealing to the eye as well. The perfect travel bag needs to be comfortable and classy, and must always serve its purpose — being your ultimate travel companion.

Starting with the smallest of bags, I love to put a clutch in a tote as I travel. They're excellent to use for nights out and day trips once you're settled in your destination. Bottega VenetaPhillip Lim, and Saint Laurent all make lovely travel-size wallets that serve as a clutch during daytime activities. If I have a bit more to pack for the day, a cross body bag is the way to go. I love the Givenchy alligator-stamped pandora box crossbody and the pop of color from Lanvin's happy edgy crossbody bag.

For a weekend trip, I prefer to use a lightweight tote like the nylon Ella Tote. It's a large, open-concept piece that fits the essentials and is easy to throw over your shoulder on your journey. I also purchased the Neverfull MM Louis Vuitton tote recently, and I take it with me everywhere.

When I'm packing more on the heavier side but I still want to have an over-the-shoulder option, I opt for a bag like Longchamp's Le Pilage expandable travel bag. It can be used as a small tote bag on destination departure, and can expand to fit all of your added purchases for homebound return. For a luxe bag that is elegant but extremely organized, check out The LA MOVE Mobile Closet. This is a must for the constant traveler and truly lives up to its name; it was recently featured in InStyle magazine — alongside yours truly!

For longer duration trips, I often need more room in my carry-on. When this is the case, I always choose a bag with wheels. It's important not to strain your shoulders, travelers! Tumi's Voyageur fits the bill, as well as Louis Vuitton's Zephyr 55.

Now that you have the perfect ideas for a beautiful carry-on bag, go ahead and book your next trip!

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Happy Journeys!

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