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Last year, I expressed my absolute adoration for luxury small-ship river cruises. And this year, my love endures, thanks to a whole new series of high-seas adventures being offered by Orion Expedition Cruises. An Australian company (read: biased), this expedition line is onlyable to reach its remote 94 destinations because of its purpose-built vessels, which can literally go where no stylish seafarer has ever gone before.

Next on my list? Seeing the orangutans in Borneo, sailing the Forgotten Islands in Indonesia, and making it all the way to Mawson’s Hut in Antarctica. Sounds extreme for me, I know, but the Orion has mastered the art of adventure in style, making it possible for me to explore with all amenities in tow.

Of note: Orion has not only been turning heads with its spectacular bespoke itineraries, but has also made headlines for its leading role in a recent heroic rescue. The ship’s design was intended to make the vessel large and sturdy enough to brave the high seas, but small enough to venture into narrower ports and shallower waters. Both functions were put to the test a few weeks ago, when a French sailor was marooned at sea off of the coast of Tasmania. Fearlessly, the MV Orion answered the call, cutting a steady path through the storm-tossed waters to hoist the fellow sailor to safety. Talk about full service…

Gone are the days of crowded buffets, close quarters, and cheesy group activities my friend – well at least in my book. Next time I take to the high seas, it’s serious adventure (and luxury) all the way.

Click here to see more of Orion’s far-flung itineraries.

Bon Voyage and Happy Journeys!

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