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An Aphaire of the Art

An Aphaire of the Art

The art world has been abuzz with developments as of late. From the recently discovered treasure trove of Nazi-seized works in Bavaria to the much-lauded Damien Hirst "From Birth to Conception" installation in Doha, it has never been more exciting to be a collector.

As the fall art season nears its peak with Miami's Art Basel, art critics and connoisseurs abound. It was exhilarating to be in New York during Banksy's mysterious romps through the city, tagging the streets with his evocative graffiti. The city suffered a major loss this week after the infamous graffiti mecca in Long Island City, 5 Pointz, was covered overnight without a thought given to its artistic value.

In the spirit of keeping a finger on the pulse of the contemporary art world, Park Hyatt Hotels & Resorts recently launched its new art-centric digital publication — ARTPHAIRE — in collaboration with BOND Strategy and Influence. ARTPHAIRE features prominent figures in art, such as the artist behind the Barbie Slave Ship, Tom Sachs, and closely follows developments in the industry, including events and auctions. And the best part — the site is updated frequently for a perfect dose of curated and enriching art content.

Featured in ARTPHAIRE and recently resurfaced in Chelsea following a stint at The Whitney is Yayoi Kusama's "I Who Have Arrived in Heaven." The exhibition is hosted at David Zwirner and is a vibrant display of the famed Japanese artist's monumental new work — polka dots included, of course. The highlights of the exhibition are two infinity rooms with a dizzying array of lights and mirrors, which creates a cosmic sense of endlessness.

A long-standing exhibition (its one year anniversary is this December) at the MoMA is Christian Marclay's cinematic journey through time, The Clock. The film is a 24-hour montage of film clips showcasing timepieces that chronicle a 24-hour time period…though I have yet to make it through more than 30 minutes. For anyone looking to experience the whole shebang, the museum is holding a special screening on New Year's Eve, which will be the first opportunity for the public to view the full film in this location.

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