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Al Fresco

It seems the peak of summer heat is officially upon us, which leaves many scrambling for the nearest air-conditioned indoors. New York might not have the space or atmosphere for outdoor dining — and currently, the humidity is so thick you could slice it with a knife — but on a recent trip to Europe I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tradition of dining al fresco is alive and well.

Located far from the maddening crowds in the chic residential neighborhood of Sarria, Spain is El Mirador De La Venta, with its eye-popping views over Barcelona at 732 feet above sea level. The glorious 19th-century villas boasts three terraces on which to tickle one's taste buds, with a Mediterranean menu including grilled monkfish, battered hake or spinach, parmesan and apple salad.

Everything at Frenchie is minute and quaint. Nestled in a narrow, cobbled lane in central Paris, this is the perfect spot for street side people watching, if you manage to get one of the very few and highly sought-after outdoor tables. The daily changing menu focuses on seasonal local fare and the rare house smoked fish.

Be it for lounging and lunching or dinner and drinks, Istanbul’s darlings all come to the Sunset Grill. The outdoor marquee with mesmerizing nighttime views over the Bosphorus is just the spot for cocktails before heading to the sushi bar for a fish capriccio accompanied by a ridiculous choice of wines. Ridiculously good that is.

When dining at Open Colonna, even if the narrow terrace is fully booked and you find yourself seated indoors, you’re really always outside. This spectacular space is housed on the top floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni museum in the old heart of Rome, underneath an impressive soaring glass conservatory. Only the trendiest come here for old-school classics like barley soup amongst the colorful furnishings and breathtaking views.

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